Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Final Project

I was going to do something very creative for this assignment, but I found this image and decided to choose this, because it almost perfectly explains everything I was going to create. I find this image both beautiful and scary at the same time. The sky has a lot of activity, I love watching storms. The coloring and details is awesome, but they are also gloomy and disturbing. The horse has red eyes, and the guy sitting on top of him looks dark. To me, that represents my fear for being a bad person and going out alone in misery, going off the colors in the image. How this image identifies me is, I find it very creative, dark, mysterious, and wild, which explains most features about me. Meaning, I'm very creative and hard to understand to most people. I have a wild side and I love horror films. The only thing that it doesn't explain about me and the only thing that makes this image not perfect is, it doesn't explain my inner child and heart, but it's hard to identify myself in one image with fear and heart.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Class Take Away 8

Today I learned a new way of discussion and a way of looking at details on how to explain myself. Also how different people look at other places that don't really pertain to them, it's much different from how I view things.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Class Take Away 7

Wednesday I learned, being sick is such a drag lol. That actually coexists with my fear, the fear of a prolonged and painful death alone. I couldn't ever wish that one on anyone no matter how bad I think they are.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I'm Walter, trying to become a great computer programmer. In my opinion, I think a person's identity can only be developed through experience and their imagination as to what they believe is cool and fun. I feel identity does change over time, because we all find that there is better ways of doing things to succeed in life. Meaning, we adapt to the world as it evolves around us, which unintentionally we change who we are to better ourselves or we give up and become worse depending on our success level. I feel I am a different person overall since I started college, but not because of college, because of my girlfriend I've had since I've been in college. I still feel my outlook on life and goals are still the same though, just a little more directed towards web development instead of both web and game development. I want to be that programmer that creates the next big thing that helps create fun and jobs all in one place, while I become rich and help those I care about.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Class Take Away 6

Today I watched some videos to learn more about the programming language Python. I then went out with my neighbor to go for a 9 mile bike ride around castleton on the back roads, it was an enjoyable experience. Love my new bike :)

Monday, June 10, 2013


For the 3 hours, I took my girlfriend to Shades State Park and Turkey Run State park to go hiking through the trails in remembrance of my past times growing up. Sort of like trying to find myself again to get back into the way of thinking I used to have and broaden my horizons. It was an awesome experience. Couldn't think of a better way to take advantage of those 3 hours. As for my 50 what if questions, I have no changes for what I've written.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Prep for Midterm

What beauty means to me? I look at beauty as anything that strikes my interest in a positive and strong emotional way. Meaning, something that grabs my attention and either makes me want it or I sort of envy it as if I wish I could be able to do it. If it is something I have created, then it is something that I am proud of and have spent a lot of time working on it.

I think I'm going to create an image in photoshop of something that defines beauty in my imagination.

1 What if I can't find the images I need?
2 What if people doesn't like my image?
3 What if the image doesn't turn out as I had imagined it to be?
4 What if people really get inspired by it?
5 What if I combine multiple images together?
6 What if I deform the image and have to start over?
7 What if I change my mind on what I want?
8 What if people don't understand what my image represents?
9 What if I lose my image?
10 What if my image inspires me to do this for a living?
11 What if my image makes me famous?
12 What if my image makes someone mad?
13 What if my image looks like something someone else has already created?
14 What if someone looks at my image as being racist?
15 What if someone looks at my image as a putdown towards a religion?
16 What if I don't get my image done on time?
17 What if I don't create an image?
18 What if someone has the same point of views I do for my image?
19 What if I grab an image that isn't mine and call it my own?
20 What if I take a picture from an event I was in?
21 What if I take a picture of someone I don't know and they get offended?
22 What if my image looks blurry?
23 What if my image creates the blue screen of death on our class's computer?
24 What if I can't come up with 50 what if questions towards such a small topic?
25 What if I complain about my own image?
26 What if my image isn't good enough?
27 What if my image is too good?
28 What if my software doesn't work so I can't create my image?
29 What if I can't create my imagination in an image?
30 What if my image's thousand words will annoy someone?
31 What if my image puts the class to sleep?
32 What if my image is a sin?
33 What if my girlfriend becomes jealous of my image?
34 What if I can't remember where I saved my image?
35 What if my computer's ink runs out?
36 What if my dogs eat my homework?
37 What if my cats steal my homework and I can't find it?
38 What if my turtle could do kung fu?
39 What if my what if questions aren't good enough?
40 What if my what if questions aren't as funny as I think they are?
41 What if spiked up Beth's hair for my image?
42 What if I was my image?
43 What if I took a picture of my eye as a representation of what I can see as beauty?
44 What if crashes right before I can publish this blog and I lose credit for all I've typed?
45 What if I develop a brain aneurism while trying to come up with more what if questions?
46 What if I create a grey image to represent the medium that's not the norm?
47 What if my rim and tire gets messed up and I can't make it to class tonight?
48 What if my professor doesn't believe my tire is messed up?
49 What if my professor fails me for missing class?
50 What if my professor understands?

P.S. I can't make it to class tonight, the last 4 what if questions really happened. My tire won't be fixed for a couple days. I hit a pot hole and bent my rim and messed up my tire, they had to order a new one.