Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Final Project

I was going to do something very creative for this assignment, but I found this image and decided to choose this, because it almost perfectly explains everything I was going to create. I find this image both beautiful and scary at the same time. The sky has a lot of activity, I love watching storms. The coloring and details is awesome, but they are also gloomy and disturbing. The horse has red eyes, and the guy sitting on top of him looks dark. To me, that represents my fear for being a bad person and going out alone in misery, going off the colors in the image. How this image identifies me is, I find it very creative, dark, mysterious, and wild, which explains most features about me. Meaning, I'm very creative and hard to understand to most people. I have a wild side and I love horror films. The only thing that it doesn't explain about me and the only thing that makes this image not perfect is, it doesn't explain my inner child and heart, but it's hard to identify myself in one image with fear and heart.

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